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Accounting outsourcing is an effective and necessary step in the development of any company. The transfer of accounting into the hands of specialists frees up a lot of time for the manager to solve important business problems. Reporting is submitted regularly – on a monthly basis in Georgia and on a quarterly one in Armenia (even if the company has not started its activities yet), an annual report is also required for submission. We offer separate or comprehensive accounting services for any form of business opened in Georgia and Armenia. Having performed a preliminary analysis and taking into account all the features of your company activity, the best option for cooperation will be found. Accounting services are carried out strictly in accordance with applicable law.

Cooperation with us and work process:

1. Contact us in order to start the process
2. After the scope of services and type of services are agreed, we will send you a contract for signing
3. Invoice is issued on the last business day of each month in national currency
4. Payment should be made no later than the 3rd working day of the next month in national currency
5. All documents must be sent at the time of their receipt or bank transaction



  • Accounting Services in Armenia
    • Bookkeeping and tax calculation as per selected system: turnover tax – 5% or income tax – 20%
    • Quarterly filing of the declarations
    • Bookkeeping with an IT certificate
    • Consultations on changes in the legislation of the Republic of Armenia


  • Accounting Services in Georgia
    • Bookkeeping and calculation of income tax, dividends, salaries, etc.
    • Monthly filing of declarations
    • Bookkeeping with an IT certificate or FIZ license
    • Consultations on changes in the legislation of the Republic of Georgia

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